We believe that everyone deserves to be treated respectfully. This applies to our customers, business partners as well as our colleagues.

ValuesWe believe that open and honest communication is essential to lay the foundations for an efficient, fruitful and long-term cooperation. Therefore, we work actively every day to ensure effective and open communication channels.
Our values are the basis that makes us an attractive partner as well as an attractive workplace.

Our values


  • We believe that we have each other’s best interests at heart
  • We trust each other with regards to task completion and compliance with agreements


  • There is room for diversity and we accept each other’s opinions and beliefs
  • We show openness and honesty in all situations


  • We respect each other for whom we are


  • We are present in all situation and chose to prioritize this
  • We listen, participate and devote attention to others

Developers in Ukraine are similar to developers in Denmark, we guarantee – in cooperation with you –  that our colleagues have

  • decent working conditions
  • interesting work
  • a friendly working environment
  • the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and experience – professional development
  • recognition for hard work
  • the possibility to develop something important and valuable

And at the same time get a competitive benefit package.

This means that we have highly qualified colleagues, who take pride that their work is of the highest quality and provide the best and most dedicated service to our customers.