Ukrainian culture

Generally, it is easy to get a misperception that Ukrainian culture is radically different from Danish. It is only partially true due to Ukraine`s Soviet past – it regained its independence in 1991. In Denmark cultural values have always been oriented towards Europe and the US.

There is virtually no middle class in Ukraine, people are either rich or poor. Roughly speaking, one can say that the middle class is composed of software developers. And here, in western Ukraine, they are very similar to software developers in Denmark: oriented towards Europe, they keep pace with modern technological advances like their colleagues abroad.

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In Ukraine, software developers appreciate the same things as in Denmark:

  • good working conditions
  • interesting tasks
  • work in a friendly environment
  • opportunities to obtain new knowledge and experience – professional development
  • recognition for hard work
  • developing something important and valuable

The big difference is that software developers in Ukraine are more career-oriented than many of their Danish colleagues because they are part of a tiny middle class.

Therefore, Ukrainian developers are characterized by being

  • more focused than a Danish developer
  • career-oriented
  • strong in mathematical skills
  • systematic in their approach to work and strong methodology
  • proud of their achievements and ambitious
  • average age
    • IT industry: 27 years
    • Graduate from university: 21 years

At A2Sourcing we are working to build cultural awareness both for our colleagues and our customers. Allan has been working in Ukraine for 4 years. Therefore, he has a deep knowledge of Ukrainian people.