Based on the analysis of your needs, we explore the market and engage in active headhunting to screen the candidates before we send their CV to you. We don’t want to waste your time, however we will include you for all relevant decisions.

It is essential for us that the final word rests with you. It does not mean that we do not take responsibility. We hire our new colleagues together.


  • Clarify a developer`s profile
    • We identify your needs
    • We learn about your company, culture and the tasks that the team needs to work with
    • It is absolutely essential for us that there is a good match between you and your new team
  • Search and screening
    • We find qualified candidates and screen them
    • We present relevant candidates to you, and you choose who you want to interview
  • Interview
    • Together we interview candidates
  • Decision
    • Together we assemble the team


We sincerely believe that the initial period of our cooperation is essential as this is when the foundation for the future is built.

Your new colleagues obtain knowledge in a new domain and get familiar with products and processes in your company.

Therefore, we will closely monitor the activities of your team during this initial period. This means that we will actively participate in daily communication as long as it makes sense.


  • Company Introduction
    • We participate in your company`s introduction to employees
  • Sharing knowledge
    • Together we ensure that the team will obtain the necessary knowledge about your organization and products
  • Team building
    • We organize various team building events in cooperation with you


With 15 years experience in the IT industry in Denmark and 4 years of experience working remotely, it is Allan’s clear position that teams working in a distributed setting must operate according to agile processes. It is not important whether it is Scrum, Kanban or another variety of agile methodology. What is essential is the communication that takes place between team members in Denmark and Ukraine.

We help to facilitate communication, we ensure that the team has optimal communication tools made available: the team can be reached all day via Skype and possibly through IP telephony.


  • Ongoing monitoring of the situation in the team
    • We are Your “eyes and ears”
  • Ongoing optimization of processes
    • We discuss regularly if there are things that can be optimized
  • Ongoing follow-up
    • We communicate regularly to ensure that we have a common understanding of the situation within the team
  • Ongoing HR management
    • We hold performance evaluation interviews – in cooperation with you
    • We track absence from work and vacations
  • Internal company branding
    • We recommend that you provide your banner, cups, pens or whatever you have, to ensure that the team feel like a part of your organization
  • Operation of office
    • We take care of the daily operations of the office, which covers everything, ranging from the coffee supply to employee contracts