Outsourcing models

A2Sourcing offers two different outsourcing models, which serve to meet different needs and unlock extra potential: possibility to reduce costs, expand the labour pool or increase flexibility in the development department. We tailor the chosen model to best satisfy your exact wishes and requirements.


  • guarantees that our colleagues have optimum working conditions
  • helps integrate the employees in your organization
  • functions as your “eyes and ears” in the office, ensuring that you are always updated on the ”temperature” in your team

Project team

If you have a long-term project, we can offer you a project team. We also have the possibility to assist you in outlining the project, either by a Danish or English speaking person.

  • Project teamThe team will be employed by A2Sourcing
  • Long-term project
  • The team works from A2sourcings development center in Lviv, Ukraine


This model implies that the team is working for you for a limited period. You have a task that needs to be completed, but you would like to delegate daily communication and coordination of employees to A2Sourcing.


  • Fixed costs
  • Effectiveness

Get started

A2Sourcing makes it easy to get started. We set up a team of developers to accomplish a given task, we take care of all the practical things and we communicate regularly with the delivery manager.

Dedicated team

We have a team of employees who work for you: they are your own employees – just at a distance.

Dedicated teamThis dedication ensures that you will get the most out of your Ukrainian part of the team. Long term commitment helps you achieve effective development at a relatively low cost.

  • The team will be employed by A2Sourcing, but recruitment is conducted in collaboration with you
  • You have daily communication with the team and decide what they work on and when
  • The team works from A2Sourcings development center in Lviv, Ukraine


This model implies a long term relationship where you regard the employees as your own. Furthermore, it presupposes that you want to handle daily communication and coordinate the employees.


  • Your own employees
  • Low cost
  • Effectiveness

Get started

A2Sourcing makes it easy to get started.

Outsourcing service


Based on an analysis of your needs, we explore the market and engage in active headhunting to screen candidates before we send their CV to you. We don’t want to waste your time, however, we will include you for all relevant decisions.
It is essential for us that the final word rests with you. It does not mean that we do not take responsibility. We hire our new colleagues together.


Subsequently, we help to integrate the new employees in your organization.


Once the team is established, we continue to monitor the situation in the team.

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